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Willow Tree


Chrysalis - Willow Tree Figurine - The Shabby Shed

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Sentiment: Protect and cherish; give wings to fly.
A gift to celebrate supportive friendships among women—mothers and daughters, sisters, best friends, cousins, co-workers, neighbors.
A chrysalis is the protective covering in which a caterpillar develops into a butterfly. The title is a metaphor for the relationship between a mother and her teen-age daughter — a time of letting go, in support of emerging independence.

A mother’s first response is to protect her child. But the greater gift is to provide the love and trust that helps her daughter find wings to fly. The emphasis on this piece is on the daughter. It’s her emerging, her transformation, her unfolding. The title is illustrative of this particular time of life. –Susan Lordi

  • - 9”h hand-painted resin figure
  • - Figure of two women in cream dresses; one woman standing behind and embracing other woman

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