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  • Jet'amine (I love you)
  • Jet'amine (I love you)
  • Jet'amine (I love you)

Willow Tree

Jet'amine (I love you)

Je T-amine (I love you) - Willow Tree Figurines - The Shabby Shed

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Sentiment: In any language, it's you I love

“My daughter lives in France, so I’ve travelled there quite a bit in the last few years. I enjoy the art and architecture, the gorgeous countryside, learning the language… It’s truly a culture of romance. So in sculpting Je t’aime, a piece about love, I wanted it to have a little more style and mystique… a sophistication, an elegance… I made changes to the dress — extending sleeves and neckline. I love the challenge of starting with a solid, opaque, hard surface, and carving and carving until it looks like embellished lace. The extensive surface carving makes Je t’aime unique in the line. Although influenced by France, Jet’aime is a universal piece. The sentiment moves from the universal to the personal one-on-one. ‘In any language, it’s you I love.'

Materials: resin
Measurements: 8.5"h

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