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Willow Tree

Close To Me

CLOSE TO ME -Willow Tree figurine - THE SHABBY SHED

$71.96 $89.95


Sentiment: Apart or together, always close to me

“This piece came on strong as my daughter moved to France earlier this year. I will miss her terribly, but at the same time, I am so happy and excited for her. It is a personal message to my daughter, that regardless of whether we’re apart or together, she’s always close to me. The sentiment applies to any age… a child going away to camp, a teenager leaving for college… the message is the same. The intertwined images carved on the figures’ dresses visually echo this sentiment. I understand this piece from both sides — having been a daughter, and having gone through the experience of raising a daughter to adulthood. I hope both mothers and daughters will connect to the emotions of this piece.”


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