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Loyalty Rewards Program

How to Earn

Register and earn points on every purchase you make. Once you sign up, you will instantly receive 200 FREE Loyalty Points.

$1 earns you 1 Points

20 Points redeems to $1

We’ll keep you updated along the way so keep a look out for special events or sales where you can earn bonus points.


How to Redeem

When you are logged in and have enough points to buy a product, a "Buy with Points" button will appear. If you don’t quite have enough points, the button will show how many points you need to redeem. 

When you have enough points and are ready to redeem click "Buy with Points" a modal will appear for you to confirm the type of shipping you would like. Once you confirm the shipping click "Buy" and they're done! 

*Please note Loyalty Points exclude shipping charges.

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